2015 New Year Update: Go Well, Beloved Reader

Hello, beloved reader!

I’ve never taken such a long a hiatus before as a blogger.

I hope your year has begun powerfully and profitably. If not–raise your head, darling, this year is not yet over–we have time to once again stand victoriously.

To produce better content for AML I need time to further organize my life post-relocation. I’ve completely over-turned my life (in the best way) recently, gaining many things and loosing others.

Going forward…

I want to go into my seventh year of blogging (SEVEN! GASP!) boldly, powerfully, and deliberately. I truly love blogging. It’s a part of my identity now. And more importantly: I miss all of you! Thank you for the kind emails you’ve sent in my absence.

I want to encourage and equip you for thriving as a modern lady. In the past ten months, I’ve gained the type of courage, confidence, and self-containment to do just that. (It will not go to waste.) Please look forward to new blog content and more of what you’ve come to love from AML.

So, as I keep buzzing along behind the blog curtain here at AML, know that I am cheering you on, praying the best for you, and I look forward to churning out regular content again soon.

Go well, beloved reader.