7 (Seriously!) Life-changing Fast and Easy Beauty Hacks

Want 7 ways to make staying gorgeous easier and nailing your signature look faster?

You’ve come to the right place.


Keep shampoo where you need it most–your scalp.

Pour your favorite shampoo in a dye applicator bottle! Now applying shampoo right where you need it is a breeze –you will also use just what you need, saving money and shower space. (Who doesn’t want more of that?) Pick up an applicator bottle for less than a latte at your local Sally Beauty Supply.


Oil treatments can be messy, causing you to put them off. Nip the mess in the bud! 

Pour your favorite oil or oil blend in a small spray bottle. (Those 3 oz containers for travel are great for this.) Spray into your palm or directly onto your mane to apply. This makes application to your ends for daily nourishment a breeze and saturating hair for a full treatment far less messy. You can pick up travel-sized spray bottles at your local drugstore, Target, or Walmart.


Make DIY manicures more refreshing for pennies!

Pre-soak cotton balls or rounds in nail-polish remover:  Putting your cotton-product of choice in a plastic ziploc bag, and just enough of your favorite nail polish remover to saturate them in a baggy. Then store them in the fridge–that’s it! The cool feeling is a great touch for tired hands.


Avoid ingrown hairs post-shave. 

Always exfoliate before or after shaving (I have great results either way, personally.) Keep a drugstore, anti-acne toner in the shower that contains 2% salicyclic acid. (Neutrogena makes great ones.) Right after shaving, apply the toner shaved areas. (It may sting if you used dull razors.) Be sure to moisturize after wards.


Have sandal-ready, cashmere-soft feet year-round!

Keep your pumice stone or ped-egg in the bath. Take 20 seconds with each bath or shower to give your callous-prone areas a quick scrub. Doing it for less than a minute a day prevents the need for a major session later by keeping callouses forever at bay. Twenty seconds now can save twenty minutes (or a shoe change) later.


Go to bed with a clean face.

This one is over-stated but for good reason: Keep your make-up remover wipes by the bed! Want to save $$$? Cut larger make-up wipes in half. You will find half may be just enough (for light make-up days at least) and can reduce product waste.


Always have a great #OOTD.

Always pick your clothes out the night before

(PRO TIP: Plan your make-up and hairstyle to go with it as well).


Want to be effortlessly #chic?

Remember this trifecta:

  • Preparation
  • Organization
  • Priorities

Preparing for tomorrow today creates healthy routines that empower you to balance the micro and macro of your life.

(Flexible) routines keep you organized. (Everything has a place and a time.)

Being organized helps you set priorities–what actually has to happen today, for tomorrow to be successful? A great piece of life advice I received was to ask myself this question:

Will this have lasting consequences (good or bad) 24 hours (or more) from now?

If the answer is no–it’s not a priority.


Do you have any “beauty hacks” or sites to share? Please do in the comments below!