This is where I share the lessons I've learned from trial and error to gain a more balanced mind. Let's learn, laugh, cry, rage, and grow together.

I share the lessons I’ve learned from trial and error to gain a more balanced mind.

Mind & My Blog

Our actions, both good and bad, gain their start somewhere in our minds. Conscious or unconscious, when my mind is left to roam aimlessly I lose direction, clarity, and focus.

The often-lauded idea of “mastering my mind,” seemed cliche and, quite frankly, unattainable. “Balancing” my mind made far more sense.

It was actually–possible–and has made my life far more peaceful. Reality presented itself anew–an entirely different world became available to me. I haven’t looked back.

What I Write Here

You won’t find posts about meditation, energy detoxes, backpacking across Budapest, crystal collections, clothing hauls, endless lists of life hacks, or Enlightenment-inducing combinations of kale, almond butter, and chia seeds.

There’s nothing wrong with the items of the aforementioned list.

They are simply not topics I explore on AML.

What you will find are the difficult, encouraging, embarrassing, hopeful, sorrowful, and peaceful experiences that have aided me in attaining a more balanced mindset.

In sharing them I hope to save you some tears and add to your smiles.

I don’t have all the answers; but, I do have the ones that helped me.

I offer them to you in these posts.

(Balance is beautiful.)

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