Gracefully navigating L I F E with gentle wit, wild optimism, and quinoa. Learn how to build a better relationship with your body from the inside out.

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Body & My Blog

The appreciation and gratitude I have for my body has been hard won. I didn’t always respect it as I do now. Thus far in my young life, I have navigated our world as a Size 16 to 00 (and almost every size in between), in sickness and in health, with self-esteem and (sadly) without.

My journey has taught me quite a bit about myself, the world we live in, and those we share it with. I await Tomorrow’s lessons with increasing gratitude. I hope you find inspiration, information, and encouragement in what I share here.

What I Write Here

Frustratingly, there is no simple, perfect, one-size-fits-all answer to the question: “What will make me healthy?” If there was such an answer, beloved reader, I confess that I couldn’t claim to know it. Thankfully, I do know what helped me craft the healthiest lifestyle for me. You will find those things here.

Are you ready?

I sincerely hope so. I look forward to growing with you. Thank you for joining me.

(I know it’s going to be great!)

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