Building Healthy Social Boundaries Part I

In a world where over-sharing is the norm, personal boundaries are not merely a helpful suggestion.

They are an absolute necessity.

As a part of the “I create, therefore I am generation,” cough–Millennial–cough, I understand how difficult setting them can be–painful, even.

You may think my writing on this topic is quite odd, as I produce content, some of which about my life, over multiple platforms. This hobby requires careful–almost maniacal–thought about boundaries and privacy; so, in an odd way I’m qualified to speak on this topic–kind of like a germaphobe phlebotomist.


Why bother? Among the novemdecillion reasons that exist, they can provide:

  • Clarity (Who is truly worth the depths of your love, friendship, time, energy, money, and patience?)
  • Insight into what you really want out of various relationships in your life.
  • Space to emotionally and mentally breathe! (It’s priceless. I promise.)
  • Control over which voices influences your world views.
  • Perspective (you can never have enough of this)

How do boundaries provide this? What do they look like? What say to people who don’t understand? What if people don’t accept your them? How do you establish boundaries?

We’ll cover that and more over Parts II and Part III.