It's not about the lipstick--it's the woman wearing it. Leave the stereotypes outside. This is finding the woman you were always meant to be. Let's thrive.

Cultivating your true, unique femininity is not easy.

Woman & My Blog

Culture, class, dress, self-identity, self-esteem, history, healthy self-awareness–femininity isn’t about finding the perfect shade of red lipstick or mesmerizing potential suitors with a come-hither gaze. (Check your undertones for the first, and you’ll need a solid three seconds for the latter.)

Femininity is about finding, becoming, and living as the woman you were always meant to be.

Please leave all preconceived notions at the door.

What I Write Here

The following are a few examples of what you won’t find in posts about femininity on AML:

how to bat your eyelashes (two quick bats will do for reference),

wearing longer or shorter skirts for modesty’s sake,

losing weight to wear higher heels, or

having a delicate, girlish voice.

However, you will find posts about:

the health, career, benefits of great posture plus how to get it,

crafting a personal style that helps not hinders you in achieving your goals,

eliminating “vocal fry” to speak in your true, unique voice with calm self-assurance,

and how to own a room with just a glance and a simple stance. (And–yes–there’s beauty info, too.)

There are many things about femininity you won’t find here. What you will find, is a healthy dose of encouragement and useful information.

(Let’s thrive.)

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