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Support Systems Part I: The What & Why

Support Systems

It’s so deliciously easy to claim co-workers (happy hour buddies forever, right?),

family (just because you are bound by blood, does not mean you accentuate one another’s lives, though that is ideal),

and “friends” (those who know your favorite clothing brand, but cannot tell when you are upset) as our “support systems” and go on with our fabulous day.

It’s hard to admit we don’t have them.

They’re work–hard work.

They must be carefully built, maintained, and protected.

Facing the reasons for our lack of support systems why can be embarrassing. (Is it me?)

It may force us to face demons we have held at bay by self-medicating, retail-therapy, or those scrumptious, vegan cookies you can’t stop inhaling. We may have to create entirely new friend groups or perhaps a new family. We may even need a complete re-boot, starting over in a new city, new job, new life.

That said, our support systems are worth carefully and objectively evaluating, regardless of how ugly or pleasant the initial results may be. (I promise.)

In Part II we’ll explore how to do just that.