Gracefully navigating L I F E with gentle wit, wild optimism, and quinoa. Enjoy a practical How-to guide for all of Life's odd scenarios.

Life should come with a set of instructions.

Fortunately–it does!

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have it in hand until the end of our time here. Gratefully, we’ve got the next best thing: each other!

Life & My Blog

Consider these posts the ever-evolving playbook I wish I had been handed from Birth (along with perpetually clear skin, a fast metabolism, and a lifetime supply of 5G Wifi).

I cannot promise enlightenment, epiphanies, or self-actualization.

(Well, technically I could, but I won’t.)

I can promise new perspectives, (immediately) helpful strategies, inspiration, and a laugh (or two).

What I Write Here

What will you find here? You will find a pleasantly practical guide to doing several things.

What kinds of things? The awkward, icky, hard things that seem to require a lot of trial and error to master. (Emphasis on the error, if you’re like me.)

How to live with difficult family and friends, subdue frenemies, build healthy support systems, set healthy boundaries, survive office politics, and more are covered here (with a healthy dose of encouragement).

I’ve found many “life hacks” and general guides to dealing with awkward situations; but they never seemed as simple as: one, two, three–WIN!

I hope my overwhelming obsession with details, efficiency, and comportment provide you with just that: step-by-step guides for gracefully navigating life.

(We can do it!)

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