Noel New York Hair Extensions

This is a first for me, beloved readers: A review on hair extensions.

I’m happy to review a great product that may be of use to you in the future, for securing your style of choice.

The pieces reviewed here, were sent to me, via the fantastic folk at Noel New York (see their website here). This will be a lengthy review, so to aid in readability, I will break it down into parts:

Customer Service

I want to start with customer service, beloved readers, because their customer service blew me away.

I’m sure all of us have had bad experiences ordering things online. Their quickness to answer questions will put that to rest.

Normally, even when asked to review a product, some companies will send me something and then cut off all contact–unless they don’t care for my type of “honesty.”Any questions I have, often go unanswered, which immediately downgrades a company in my eyes.

Not so with Noel herself and Noel New York (the company).

How do I know? I asked a PR rep about textured options and it was Noel herself sent a near-immediate response with information I didn’t know about their brand! I was shocked.

See the screen shot below:

In short, they do have textured hair, and I have no doubt it matches the quality of the straight hair sent to me, which leads me to:

Color, Construction, Texture

Note: Noel New York’s hair piece are 100% human hair.

In terms of quality, many of us have seen poorly dyed extensions. Flat color, matte color, or overly processed strands that do not add much to the wearer’s appearance other than a bulk amount of (damaged and/or clearly fake looking) hair. That is not the case with this brand, which surprised me.

I was not expecting so many rich tones that make up the well blended color for the sample below (Cappuccino):

Noel New York Hair Extensions

I took these pictures in NATURAL light, but they don’t do these justice, there seem to be a dozen, actively sparkling colors all working together to create one harmonious hue!

Even on the clearly unnatural shades, like the bright red below, the color is rich, deep and still multi-dimensional. There were five different, distinct shades of red and gold in the pieces below when the sunlight hit them directly.

All of the wefts were as naturally shiny as could be, without he “horse hair” shine many extensions have (a dead giveaway). They were not over processed during the coloring phase and well-toned. This shows not only in how they look, but how they feel. The hair is smooth, tangle-free, knot free, and split-free. It’s incredibly silky.

(No random gray hairs here!) I was impressed, having helped trim splits from poor-quality weave and extensions for friends and family in the past. Further more, as you can see, they are STURDY. See how tight the stitching is on the weft itself? Magnificent!

These can certainly take regular shampooing, without shedding profusely. Another bonus! The clips absolutely stay put.

My only caveat, was one that most likely only applies to the truly thick haired (you have a lot of hair per square inch, and each hair is thick in diameter as well). The wefts are thinner than most. I mentioned this to the PR rep who contact me. Again, it was Noel herself who explained the logic behind it, as you can see below:

I can certainly see her reasoning. I think the only reason I noticed it, is because I have unusually dense, thick hair (in strand density, strand diameter, and texture–a blessing and a hassle).

These weft simply don’t shed–ever. They are nearly impossible to wrest a strand out of. I know because I tried. Yes, I–literally–tried to tear them apart, with both hands, just to see how well sewn they were.

After fiddling with them for about ten minutes and not managing to rip them apart (the pictures were taken in advance of this!), I felt even better about reviewing them. The clips survived my simulated super-hero battle too, I might add.

Ease of Use

Extensions like these are pretty straight forward. Clip them in at the root and style them accordingly. The clips are wonderfully smooth, but pulling any type of object from your hair carelessly will result in breakage. Period.

Installation questions? You can read their FAQ Page here.

Even as a clip-in newbie I clipped this in without an issue. They where in place and secure in under a minute. I don’t think it gets much easier than that. You can hear and feel when the clips have locked in place. Taking them out is equally simple. (Huzzah!)

Color Range

See their color chart here.

In one word: Expansive.


You can review their prices and order here.

They vary according to the width of the weft, the length of the extensions, and how many you buy, of course. I was amazed to see such high quality at such an affordable price. Many a girl friend of mine, on the quest to become “night out ready,” has wailed about the cost of her extensions. The quality-to-cost ratio of these extension will dry many a tear.

Thank you again Noel New York for such an exciting opportunity to share a high-quality, lovely product with my beloved readers. I look forward to seeing what you do next!