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Officially Under Construction

It’s begun. (Finally!)

AML is officially under re-construction.

I’ve missed you, beloved reader! AML needs an upgrade. Why?

I’ve so much to share. (I can’t wait!) Please look forward to new content, content updates, and a new format. (Don’t worry, the content you’ve enjoyed will continue as well!)

I’m excited for AML to reflect where I am in my life right now, what I’ve learned thus far during my relocation adventure, and where I’m going next. In the past, I’ve tried not to focus much of AML’s content on my personal life, which is something that will be slowly changing.

I’ve enjoyed some adventures, failures, triumphs, trials, errors, and successes the past 18 months that I simply can’t keep to myself. I’ve learned so much! I will be leaving my twenties soon as well, and I’m quite happy with what has happened during this past decade in my life, which happens to span of the life of this blog thus far. I look forward to bringing AML into the third decade of my life and what it holds.

Change is (so) good.

Thank you for your readership and patience. I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you as AML continues on.