My (Slow Down) Soup and Salad Challenge

Beloved readers, the “Slowdown Soup & Salad Challenge” is a culmination of a glorious experiment that I blundered into with the grace of a water-logged koala last Fall.

I cook 99% of what I consume, from scratch, with whole, mostly organic ingredients.

Having a love of aesthetics, last year I began serving ALL of my meals, on a bed of lettuce and required myself to eat it!. I also like to sip broth while cooking to not wholly ruin my appetite. I enjoy a light broth-based soup as an appetizer, to prevent my speed-eating habit from rearing its ugly head. I blame aggressive years of work and school. (I had to inhale calories whenever I had the chance.)

This allowed me to add more fresh greens into my diet without experiencing green-smoothie burnout. (It happens to the best of us. #TeamKale) I plate lovelier dishes, and I effortlessly reduced my portion sizes of carbs and animal proteins thanks to the filling fiber in the rich, dark greens.

This is significant for me as portion sizes in my childhood home were enormous. I learned to “eat with my eyes,” rather than listen to my body.  This is something I’ve had to be vigilant about correcting.

Better still, I was increasing my non-caffeinated fluid intake.

Furthermore it forced me to take the time to truly revel in and enjoy food preparation. I admit, at first I found myself having to literally schedule in this time.

And now?

Yeah, I still have to actually schedule this, or I’ll find reasons to not take the time to enjoy this necessary, but pleasant moment in every day life.

I soon realized…

How meditative and relaxing it was to enjoy the process of preparing nourishing food, even if only for myself.

How calming, meditative, and energizing it was to get up early to prepare a meal and allow my mind to slowly wake up. 

How glorious it was to hear nothing but the sound of sizzling ingredients, the rumbling steam produced by my kettle, and the pleasant “Chup, chup, chup!” of my handsome knife sliding through that day’s robust ingredients. Bonus points: Early morning birdsong!

(It’s worth getting up before the sun to enjoy!)

Trust me, it makes facing your daily commute so much easier!

Suffice to say: I discovered a entirely new realm of simple luxuries!


So I’m challenging myself to keep this up.


  1. Serve at least 90% of my meals on a bed of lettuce.
  2. Have a small salad and serving of broth-based soup with my entree.
  3. Sit down to eat (At a proper place setting) of some kind)

This’ll require variety in the broths, soups, and salads I consume as well as the type of greens I serve my meals upon. It’ll also require my buying those ingredients regularly and making them a regular part of my weekly menus.

Enter in fellow modern lady LV Davis.

She is the fantabulous author of:

Food Fashion and Flow Blog

Food, Fashion, and Flow.

If you are not checking out her content, you are missing out!

This lovely lady serves up style, life advice, and yummy recipes–particularly the three lovely salads below I cannot wait to try (Click the images to get the recipe and details!):

 A Modern Lady Food Fashion and Flow Recipe kale strawberry salad.jpg
Kale Cranberry Apple Salad – Gorgeous!
A Modern Lady and Food Fashion and Flow Recipes
Pear Salad With Maple Vinaigrette

(Let’s do this.)