The BEST (Easy & Cheap) Remedy for Sore (High Heel) Feet

Long day on your feet? A great day hiking for miles? A night out dancing taking its toll? Yesterday’s work-out heavier than you realized? New shoes not broken in yet?

Whatever your reason for having sore feet, I have you covered, beloved readers.

What you need:

  1. Green tea or Black tea (Go for the cheapie brands for this treatment, sans guilt.)
  2. Soaking tub/object of choice
  3. Towels
  4. Hot water
  5. Feet

Optional: Your favorite massage cream, lotion, or oil.

What to do:


Add 2 tea bags for every 8 oz of water you plan to use to your foot bath.


(Carefully!) Pour boiling water over the tea bags.


Let it steep for the recommended time. (Varies from brand to brand.)


Carefully remove tea bags–I suggest tongs, as the water will be HOT. Be advised!

(PRO TIP: Squeeze the tea bags firmly over foot bath before throwing them away or composting.)


Let the water cool to a comfortable temperature and enjoy!

PRO TIP: Massage feet afterwards to feel like a brand new (modern) lady with your favorite lotion or oil.

Why does it work?

The caffeine in the tea plus the delightfully warm water help energize sore feet and lessen pain. #CuteFeetForever

After twenty minutes, my tired, sore feet are refreshed and renewed! They really feel as if I’ve been off of them for hours!

This is great for dancers, those who love their high heels, after any strenuous work outs, after long days on your feet, or just because it feels great. (I don’t judge, beloved readers.)

Do you have any sore feet hacks to share, beloved readers? I would love to hear them!


Note: If you have high blood pressure or are pregnant, check with your MD, because I am NOT one.