Get It Done: Themed To Do Lists (Why & How)

We all have To Do Lists.

And we all have those items on those to do lists that get pushed over into tomorrow (over and over again).





Loose ends are distracting, energy-sucking, and in a rather insidious fashion–distressing. How do you tie-up loose ends?

Instead of totally giving up on (or doubling down on) my To Do Lists, I give them themes.

Themed To Do Lists

What does a themed list look like and how does it work?

Exhibit A

Sunday is for housekeeping, menu planning, food preparation and shopping (more likely a Sunday or Saturday for me).

Exhibit B

Monday is the day for tying up all of my blogging loose ends: doing research, taking pictures for posts, editing images, drafting a new post, etc.

Exhibit C

Thursday is for touching up my mani-pedi, my usual hair-wash-day routine, washing and ironing clothes, cleaning and polishing shoes–in other words  a “personal upkeep day.”

Exhibit D

Tuesday is for finding new clients or on boarding them. Planning new audits and pulling reports for the site audits I’m currently compiling–a “prospecting day.”

Why It Works

By focusing on several task that are interrelated as I complete one item the others are streamlined or partially completed as well–without extra effort on my part. As I complete one item the others quickly fall in place.

This inertia then becomes its own motivator to complete that day’s list which is going to be much shorter then a mega-list with glaring needs from all facets of your life. Bouncing from self-care, to cooking, to cleaning, to blogging, to hanging out, and everything in between is not just inefficient–it’s exhausting.

Each day becomes more encouraging as your productivity grows.

You can arrange your “themes” to be re-occuring based on the day, week, or month. They can also be one-time events (example: an upcoming surprise party needing preparation or planning).

I hope this technique is as useful for you beloved readers, as it is for me.

Please share your stay-on-task tips! I would love to read them!