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What do I blog about?

It’s my sincere desire to provide information that encourages, empowers, amuses, and inspires through my blog. In my (admittedly) short life, I’ve had the privilege of navigating a variety of tragic and glorious experiences.

I endeavor to offer something of value in sharing what I’ve learned, what I’m learning, and what I hope to learn. We all have something to give, after all.

My blog has been around for several years–so there’s a lot to see and it’s easy to get a bit lost. Scroll down for the area most interesting to you. (Enjoy!)

 It's not about the lipstick--it's the woman wearing it. Leave the stereotypes outside. This is finding the woman you were always meant to be. Let's thrive.W O M A N

Culture, class, dress, self-identity, self-esteem, history, healthy self-awareness–femininity isn’t about finding the perfect shade of red lipstick or mesmerizing potential suitors with a come-hither gaze.

(Check your undertones for the first, and you’ll need a solid three seconds for the latter.)

Femininity is about finding, becoming, and living as the woman you were always meant to be.

Please leave all preconceived notions at the door.

[ C L I C K   H E R E.]

This is where I share the lessons I've learned from trial and error to gain a more balanced mind. Let's learn, laugh, cry, rage, and grow together.M I N D

You won’t find posts about meditation, energy detoxes, backpacking across Budapest, crystal collections, clothing hauls, endless lists of life hacks, or Enlightenment-inducing combinations of kale, almond butter, and chia seeds.

There’s nothing wrong with the items of the aforementioned list.

They are simply not topics I explore on AML.

What you will find:

the difficult, encouraging, embarrassing, hopeful, sorrowful, and peaceful experiences that have aided me in attaining a more balanced mindset.

In sharing them I hope to save you some tears and add to your smiles. I don’t have all the answers; but, I do have the ones that helped me.

I offer them to you in these posts.

C L I C K   H E R E ]

Gracefully navigating L I F E with gentle wit, wild optimism, and quinoa. Enjoy a practical How-to guide for all of Life's odd scenarios.L I F E

What will you find here? You’ll find a pleasantly practical guide to the awkward, icky, hard “life stuff” that seems to require a lot of trial and error to master. (Emphasis on the error, if you’re like me.)

How to live with difficult family and friends, subdue frenemies, build healthy support systems, set healthy boundaries, survive office politics, and more are covered here (with a healthy dose of encouragement).

I’ve found many “life hacks” and general guides never seemed as simple as: one, two, three–WIN!

I strive to provide you with just that: step-by-step guides for gracefully navigating life.

[ C L I C K   H E R E ]

 Gracefully navigating L I F E with gentle wit, wild optimism, and quinoa. Learn how to build a better relationship with your body from the inside out.B O D Y

The appreciation and gratitude I have for my body has been hard won. Thus far in my life, I have navigated our world as a Size 16 to 00, in sickness and in health, with self-esteem and (sadly) without.

My journey has taught me quite a bit about myself, the world we live in, and those we share it with.

Frustratingly, there is no simple, perfect, one-size-fits-all answer to the question: “What will make me healthy?”

With that in mind I share what honestly helped me craft the healthiest lifestyle for me.

[ C L I C K   H E R E ]

 A Modern Lady beauty and hair product reviewsR E V I E W S

I’ve tried over 300 skin, health, and hair care products over the lifetime of this blog. Price per ounce, cosmetic elegance, scent, formulation quality, even the bottle design–everything is up for comment.

All sponsored product reviews and collaborations are always noted in the first paragraph. Why? I take your readership seriously.

I buy 99% of everything reviewed on AML. Regardless of whether it’s purchased or sponsored, you will receive my 100% honest opinion–everytime. (Enjoy!)

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